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Protecting our Birds

I am very concerned for the next generation of the human race, a race about time...……

We are trying to preserve what we`ve got and what we are going to lose. Many British bird species have diminished and some are nearly extinct. I have noticed in my own garden where I used to see a whole variety and I found them enchanting but over the years I`ve been seeing less and less. Nuthatch-Tree Creeper-Song Thrush-Sparrow and Starling. Many are seasonable but even those don`t show any longer.

Being a longstanding member of the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds I have been kept up to date with

The bird population in this country.

I am cosseting the birds I`ve still got like the summer visiting Black cap.

Great spotted Woodpeckers come to feed from the sun flower hearts and passing Longtail tits which gorge on the insects still available. Sparrows and Starlings used to be common but they have disappeared several years ago. 

It`s a miracle that Sparrow populations are on the up again. Of course we are never far away from pests like rats squirrels wood pigeons and magpies. Jays are tolerated as they don`t often show themselves.  Their `blue ` flank feathers are very striking. Blackbirds Robins and Dunnocks are still a staple so are Blue and Great Tits. An occasional sparrow hawk whisking away a little bird is upsetting to see but nature is not perfect.

During the 1970s/80s I counted 34 bird species and now in 2019 it`s less than 20.

Newcomers are the majestic Red Kites now quartering over our area.

I am glad to have taken pictures of the birds when they were still around our place.

Global warming plays also an important role as birds from further south are breeding in this country like the little Egret and soon the cattle Egret will establish itself here.

Birds are relocating further north until they can`t go any further. The lack of insects is highly worrying as so many bird species rely on them for food, and crops won`t be pollinated.

Where will the human race end up ? on our vulnerable and beautiful planet EARTH.

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