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"New songs "A Woodstock Winter" and "Cotswold Country" have been created to bring more musical attention to Oxfordshire."

Charlotte Cripps   INDEPENDENT

The Oxford based Dutch composer Beatrix Forbes values melodic music above tunes that grate on the ear.


Beatrix had classical piano lessons in her teens and later went on to become an independent film maker and sound editor. Her love for cinematography never waned and so each finely crafted piece tells a story. She paints pictures with sound.

Forbes has also earned herself reputation with still -photography earning her several awards.

Beatrix has also studied composition in Oxford with the composer Jonathan Darnborough.

She has also sold many CD's for charitable causes.

Forbes has composed music for several albums working with the labe Djinn Music.

The new album Born 2 Drive has its roots in the US and the UK and has been created for motorists to listen to while behind the wheel.

A Tudor Legacy is a collection of music inspired by life at the Tudor Court in 16th century England.

The album Oxford & Beyond takes us on a trip to the historic City of Oxford, Based on a modern day visit one gets absorbed into atmospheric sounds, music and song.

Moving on to Woodstock on a winter`s day traveling towards the outlying Cotswold Hills.


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