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New songs "A Woodstock Winter" and "Cotswold Country" have been created to bring more musical attention to Oxfordshire.

The pianist and composer Beatrix Forbes's first commercial album, Oxford & Beyond, begins with "Cycling Up the High"; entering Oxford, the music indicates the rush a student is in to get to a lecture. Next is a short, classical-inspired piece as the listener arrives at the Bridge of Sighs, which links the Old and New Quadrangles of Hertford College. The uplifting instrumental "Oxfordshire Sky" was inspired by views of the Windrush Valley, near Burford. "The Pink Almond Tree", a love song sung by the soprano Diana Nash, describes a romantic moment between two students under the blossoming tree by the University Church.

"I came up with the idea because the media in Oxford were complaining about a lack of songs about Oxfordshire," says Forbes. The album's artwork features photographs of Oxfordshire taken by Forbes.

by Charlotte Cripps

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